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Doubledown Casino – Free Slots

The double down casino – free-slots is one of the newest attractions in Ireland and the casino promises to deliver exciting gaming fun to its patrons. This casino is located at Donegal Park, near Lucan, Co Kerry. There are five casinos in total which are operated by the Donegal Group out of the main building. The slots are divided into two main sections namely the progressive slots and the straight slots. In addition, there are a few video poker games and roulette machines as well.

doubledown casino  free slots

All the five casinos are laid out in a modern layout with separate entrances and exits. All the games and machines are neatly placed away from each other. You will find plenty of refreshments and snack vending machines on the outside premises. You can collect your own gumballs and coffee as well when you are playing at the casinos in Donegal. Apart from the gift shops, the shops selling food, drinks and other items also sell gaming supplies at the casino as well.

The gift shop at the casino sells various gifts and food items which can be used by players while they are playing at the tables. You can collect chips from the gift shops which are also found outside the casino. You should remember that the double-sided cards to play all the same and offer the same types of slots. The only difference is that in the case of a double-sided card, you are allowed to switch the place of your bet from one side to the other. Thus, this will allow you to increase your winning chances.